2018 Marketing Guide


This product is electronically distributed.

As photographers, we believe the work we do to be extraordinary ... that we are truly making an impact on the many people whose lives and precious memories we preserve with our cameras. In a culture that often wears busyness as a badge, in the midst of bookkeeping, client meetings, photo shoots, and the business-life balancing act, intuition and mindfulness easily fall to the wayside.

This guide was created for hard-working, inspired creatives like you! It will clarify your ambitions and passions, helping you design fruitful marketing campaigns to move you forward.

The planner's worksheets analyze everything; from what has been working in your studio to defining your ideal client. Each section builds on previous material, culminating in designing custom marketing campaigns aimed at bringing maximum success to your studio.

Are you ready to make 2018 the best it can be?

Your download includes:

- 150+ paged printable PDF of the 2018 Marketing Planner

- Several pages to customize your experience including: 2018 analysis, visualizing your ideal life, short term goal setting in all areas, and marketing strategies geared toward your ideal client

- Learn who your ideal client is and develop marketing campaigns specifically tailored to bring them into your studio

- Pages specifically designed to evaluate the results of each marketing campaign, including recommended applications to track web-based and social media impact

- Beautifully designed calendar for each month in 2018 with space to write events, appointments, and tasks

- Monthly checklists to keep you on track

- Monitor your marketing campaign’s effectiveness on social media and your blog. Recommended applications are included in the accompanying instruction guide

- Goal sheets for every month of the year to help you create actionable tasks

- Successful real life marketing promotion to spark your own creative ideas

* Important Note: This is a digital PDF download. Assembly is be required.