Social Media Marketing with Jenna Martin

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The most successful businesses adapt with the changing times, and right now there is no such thing as a comprehensive marketing strategy that doesn’t include a strong social media presence.

This class is designed specifically for photographers looking to use their social media platforms to create a significant online presence, develop and grow their business, and turn followers into paying clients.

First, Jenna will give you a baseline understanding of the most effective social media practices that are applicable to any platform. She covers:

- What is the point of social media? Why even bother?

- How to choose the sites that will most effectively support your business goals.

- Creating a relatable, well-defined brand image, and using that to reach your ideal audience.

- 10 Best Social Media Practices (These are tried and true industry tips!)

- Choosing the best platforms for your business.

This download includes the slides from Jenna's presentation as well as links to download her video and watch it online.